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2019. Social Horror.

Production: La Zona, Haka Film, Cocoon Production, Baburka production, MB production.

Distribution: La Zona.

Home Video distribution: CG Entertainment.

International distribution: Reel Suspects.


Director: Luna Gualano

Screenplay: Emiliano Rubbi

DOP: Sandro Chessa

Editing: Luna Gualano

Sound: Igor Cianti

Original music: Emiliano Rubbi, Eugenio Vicedomini

Assistant director: Francesca Scanu

Scenography: Edoardo Ayres da Motta

Costume designer: Stefania Pisano

Make-up: Giulia Giorgi‚Äč

Cast: Antonio Bannó, Sidy Diop, Cyril Dorand Domche Nzeugang, Shiek Dauda, Mounis Firwana, Wajeeh Jaber, Papi Momar Diop,  Awa Koundoul, Carlo Caprioli, Giulia Gualano.

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In the course of a demonstration in Rome against the opening of a refugee centre, an apocalypse of zombies breaks out.
Enrico, an ultra rightist young man lying on his identity, finds refuge in the centre. The only safe place for him is this refugee camp that he did not want, while the dead are walkingoutside.

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